Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Marlboro Special Blend Red

          Marlboro Special Blend cigarettes are the new blend of cigarettes that Marlboro has just introduced this year. They come in a red box for those who enjoy full flavor and a gold box for those who like light cigarettes. Marlboro cigarettes are manufactured by Philip Morris USA which is located in Richmond, Virginia. The box contains twenty class A cigarettes and is found in a hard pack

What is the difference between marlboro special blend red pack and marlboro mediums?

           and also what is the difference between special blend gold pack and marlboro lights. the special blend red pack and the mediums have the exact same coloring and the special blend gold pack and the lights have almost the same coloring. at first i thought that since they were taking terms like "lights, mediums, ultra-lights, and mild" off of the packaging that "special blend" would be the new names for them but they are completely separate. does anybody know the difference(s)? i have tried the special blend red and i couldnt tell if they were different from the mediums.

Why is This Blend Special?

When purchasing a new brand of cigarettes you are always taking a gamble. Many smokers are partial to one brand of cigarettes and most other brands are not nearly as satisfying. This is why I wrote this review to share with you what I thought about Marlboro Special Blend cigarettes. The pack of Marlboro Special Blend looks very similar to the box of Marlboro Lights. The only difference is that it does not say lights and says Special Blend instead. The cigarettes have a white filter just like the Marlboro Lights cigarettes. When lighting a Marlboro Special Blend cigarette they burn about the same as a regular Marlboro Light. The first thing I noticed about these cigarettes was the pleasant and smooth taste. They almost have a sweet taste to them. They pack a lot of flavor for being a mild cigarette. I have now switched over to Marlboro Special Blend enjoying the savings and a good quality cigarette.

People's comment

1. The special blends are simple. the regular special blends in the red box are a mix between the reds and mediums. the gold box is a mix between mediums and lights

2. I started with Marlboro Reds as my first pack of cigarettes. Low on cash one day, I bought a pack of Special Blend Reds since they were cheaper. They are just like a regular Red, just not as strong as I was expecting. I found that they are much better when lit with a match rather than a lighter. I only smoke these when I don't have enought for a pack of Reds.